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Grandma Pat (Patty Ann) was diagnosed with Alzhemeir's Disease around 2003.  After a long battle with the disease, she passed away in 2011. Patty Ann was not your typical grandma.  And yes, people always think their grandparents are different but believe us, this woman was.  She was a firey red head with a passion for all things fun.  We remember her most for:
  • Telling us the truth about being married with nine children
  • Singing her responses to any of our questions
  • Climbing trees with us
  • Taking us camping despite the enormous amount of effort we now recognize it was
  • Teaching us all the card games
  • Holding our hands reallllly tight in church
  • Making cookies, pretzels with m&ms, and cinnamon apple sauce
  • Encouraging us to be ourselves
  • Cheering for the losing team despite her allegiance to the winning team
  • Dressing as a clown at our birthday parties
  • Building forts with us
  • Loving ALL people
Alzheimer's made Grandma Pat different but it didn't take her spirit.  She continued singing, laughing at our jokes, and telling us the truth about how frustrating it was forgetting things and having caretakers in her home. We are honored to support the DKR Foundation and are united in hoping to find a cure. Thank you for visiting our page! Caitlin Sweeny and Caroline Turner
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