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Howell Beaver

"This is the perfect opportunity for me. Obviously, the disease has had a great impact on my family and me. More so, the collision of football and country music is extremely fitting. My favorite memories with my father involve the two."

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I joined the Legacy Council in 2013 for my father, Hal Beaver, who was diagnosed with early onset Dementia and later Alzheimer's in the early 2000’s.  The disease progressed for over a decade before Hal passed away in January 2015.

Hal Beaver, a native of Meyer's Park, Charlotte, NC, went to Georgia Tech where he was a scout team linebacker and quarterback under the great Bobby Dodd. After college, he joined the Army Corps of Engineers and completed Ranger Training School. He was stationed in Europe due to his language skills in French, German and Spanish. Sometime after high school, Hal picked up the guitar, which became one of his lifelong passions. With the acoustic slide guitar, Hal played a blend of old time country music and the blues, which was later represented by his band's name, "Blackgrass." Hal was known to pick his guitar at any occasion whether it be on base with his fellow army men, on street corners in France, at church, at local blues dives around Atlanta, or simply in his friend's kitchen. After returning from the military, Hal attended Harvard Business School.

Howell has felt first-hand the heartache this disease has caused his loved ones and is eager to do what he can to help the fight against it.

Howell currently lives in Austin and works at Oden Hughes, a multifamily developer. A two-time graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Beaver earned a B.A. in history and a MBA from the McCombs School of Business.

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