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My name is K. Knox Nunnally and I am both a third generation UT Longhorn and the only son of an Early Onset Dementia parent. Before me, my two maternal grandparents and my own parents graduated from UT. I personally graduated from UT Law School in 2009 and was very proud to carry on my family's tradition with this amazing school. My father while at UT had the great privilege to be recruited, to play for, and to start for Coach Royal on his legendary 1963 National Championship football team. My father's personal ties to his teammates and to Coach Royal were very special and I grew up in awe of the close bond he had developed with these men that lasted him all of his life. I have never forgotten my family's ties to UT, to that great '63 team and to Coach Royal.

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In 2007, my mother, Kay Clyde Nunnally, was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia. It was a very difficult blow to my family, as it is to many families, and we struggled to adapt to the new realities it brought to both my mother's life and our lives. I have personally born witness to the pains and heart ache of watching a loved one slowly lose more and more of their memories. I have accepted my mother's condition for what it is and now love her the more for it. Though I wish I could share more of my life with her these days I know that deep down she understands more than she can communicate and appreciates every visit I make to her and moments I spend with her. Visiting her at her assisted living facility and seeing the steady growth in similar such cases involving Alzheimer’s and Dementia I know that this disease is growing and must be addressed immediately. For the sake of families like mine, Coach Royal’s, and others please donate to this worthy charity to help defeat Alzheimer’s and Dementia and to find a cure.

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