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Matthew Frizzell

I am originally from Abilene, Texas and graduated from The University of Texas in 2004. My father, Lane Frizzell, was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease in 2009. The disease has progressed over the last five years. This was not the first time our family had been confronted by this terrible disease. My great grandmother had also been diagnosed late in life in the 1980's. I am getting involved with the Legacy Council because of my dad.

He is a much admired man to this day well known by most as a laid-back, good-hearted man. He was sharper than tack in the West Texas oil fields and beloved by his family and friends. He is known for many things including his country music band "Slim Chance and the Survivors". Through music he has provided countless memories for friends and families at large events as well as sitting around the back porch. He sought to discover as many different parts of the world as possible through his travels and was a great influence on shaping young minds, especially in a small town like Abilene. He once told me that his motto in college came from a Grateful Dead song and stuck with him forever – “get out of the door, light out and look all around”. I still smile when I think to myself how constantly I was reminded by my friends that it must really suck to have a dad that is this much cooler than you are.

Here is the brutal reality of Alzheimer’s that I have been able to discern: No matter how wealthy you might be, no matter who you know, where you are, what hospital, which city, or which doctor; nothing will alter the fact that, at the moment, there is no proven effective treatment, no cure, no recovery, from Alzheimer's disease. The only thing you have is your attitude towards changing the future for others.

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