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Rob Heiser

I briefly met Coach Royal on the golf course. I was so star struck I forgot my putter. So coach let me borrow his. Not sure who was more nervous at the time him or me. It was not first impression I had hoped to make. In contrast, the impression Coach Royal left on so many of us is nothing short of amazing. He was the legendary coach of his time. The installment of the wishbone revolutionized the way the game was played. He had the ability to inspire not only through innovation and championships but also as a role model for success and modesty. He was a true champion who acted like he had been there before. I am honored to help the DKR Fund. God bless the Darrell and Edith Royal family. Thank you for all you have done for the university and for Alzheimer's research. Thank you so much for your gift to inspire us and I look forward to assisting in the fund raising effort.

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Like his parents and grandparents Rob attended undergrad at UT. He enrolled in 2002 and graduated in 2006. He works in Austin at Morgan Stanley.

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