Video Instructions

We're celebrating 100 years of Coach Darrell K Royal! Has Coach Royal impacted your life? Do you have a special memory you would like to share?

If you are interested in participating in the video series, please follow these instructions to record your video and share it with our team.

  1. Do not film the video in a dark space or area with dark lighting
  2. Maximum video length 60 seconds
  3. Please provide a well-thought-out message that highlights how Coach Royal's legacy continues to live on today
  4. Ensure the camera is steady and speak clearly
  5. If you take a selfie video, please make sure your entire face is captured on the screen
  6. Do not have any background noise (TV, radio, construction sounds, etc)
  7. Feel free to share multiple videos with our team to select the best quality to showcase on the DKR Fund social media platforms
  8. Please send all videos to Lesley Ford ([email protected]) with The PR Boutique or contact Lesley directly with questions at 512.363.5160.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Coach Royal's legacy!