Austin, April 5, 2017: Press Release (PDF)

Austin, April 5, 2017: Dr. Yingfei Wang of The University of Texas Southwestern will be submitting her second year research report and findings to The Darrell K Royal Research Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease by December 2017. Dr. Wang was one of five carefully selected recipients of the 2015 DKR Fund research grant, receiving $165,000 to fund her project, “The role …

Austin x Fashion Brunch, May 21, 2017

Austin X Fashion Brunch, Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Join DKR Fund’s Founding Chair Ava Late as she host’s the “Brunch of the Year” for Austin X Fashion on Sunday, May 21st from 9:30am-12pm. Eat, drink, and enjoy fabulous runway fashion, all benefiting the DKR Fund! Get tickets below.